What is the Power Cable?

The power cable that is of concern….

400-Megawatt underwater power line to be installed directly through the bay.  The power line, running down the bottom of the lake from north of Plattsburgh, would be installed below the sediment along the east side of Kingsland Bay, passing directly under or adjacent to the park swimming area.  It would come ashore in the field adjacent to the park entrance road, and run underground alongside roads to a converter station in New Haven.

The power line developer Vermont Green Line Devco LLC (VGL), has stated that they have “no intention of interfering with long-term anchorage [need exact quote] “.  This offers little or no reassurance to the many boaters who routinely anchor in the bay, because if the project is installed, Federal regulations alone may prohibit anchoring along the entire east side of Kingsland Bay.

There is no proof that the cable poses a threat to swimmers but there is also, no proof that there is not a threat to swimmers.  Many park of those who frequent the park have very real concerns about the dangers posed by the power cable to themselves and their children.  Much of the inner bay is very shallow, and wadeable to park visitors. Old and young alike.

We as concerned swimmers, parents of swimmers, and fishermen are not willing to rely on the assurances of the company putting in the power cable that there will not be adverse effects, dangers or health risks associated with swimming around wading over the cable.  Over much of the path through the bay, swimmers will actually be able to wade directly on top of the buried cable. We feel that moving the route to the East of the bay while still on Park grounds will eliminate these concerns.

We as concerned boaters support (or at least do not resist) the general concept of the project. But we see only three acceptable alternatives if the power line is to be routed directly through Kingsland Bay.  Either:

  1. VGL must provide a permanent binding agreement that boaters will have no future restrictions on where they can anchor in the bay; OR
  2. VGL must Install and maintain in perpetuity a mooring field to replace the loss of anchorage which the project will likely impose; OR
  3. The route for the power line must be changed.  We have proposed an alternate route which still runs through the park but not through Kingsland Bay, and which will impact no swimmers and far fewer boaters.