Alternate Route for Power Cable

There are several possible alternate routes for the proposed VGL cable. In an effort to cooperate with the VGL’s developers, Friends of Kingsland Bay (FoKB) has suggested a very minor change to the proposed route.  This suggestion meets all of the developer’s stated criteria; can be contstructed with the developer’s intended equipment and is only 1,200 ft to the northeast of the route through Kingsland Bay.

The developer is currently proposing to locate a horizontal directional drilling (HDD) pad at point “A” in the image below and drill out into Kingsland Bay.  FoKB’s suggests that instead of drilling into the bay, that it would be possible to use the exact same HDD equipment to reach point “B”. Drilling between these two points would minimize any impact to the park.  HDD could then be used again to drill from point “B” to point “C”.


This small alteration to the proposed route passes just to the east of Kingsland Bay and moves the cable away from the prime recreational areas within the bay and the state park.

Sign a Petition to voice your support for changing the path of the Vermont Green Line Power Cable to bypass the bay where we swim and boat.

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